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Welcome to Shropshire Wrestling Alliance

Bringing the best in live wrestling entertainment to Telford

We’ve had an amazing 2018 full of incredible matches, awesome wrestlers and a SuperShow to be proud of.

We also believe we have some of the best wrestling fans in the UK!

There are a lot of wrestling promotions in this country now all trying to be the best. We are very aware we can’t compete budget wise or theme wise with the majority of them but what we can do is shift our focus towards the up and comers in the UK.

So 2019… We showcase the best of the New Generation. A lot of amazing wrestlers this year have been snapped up full time by WWE, Ring of Honor and others, this is the best time to step up.

You are going to see the likes of Joe Lando, Jessica Light, Man like Dereiss, Conor Clyne, Luke Basham, Connors and Black and so so many more!

Don’t worry though… We aren’t forgetting the guys that got us here as well; Damian Dunne, Ash Draven, Joey Sanchez, Rob Sharpe, Chris Ridgeway, El Phantasmo, Chuck Cyrus and more.

If you think someone deserves an opportunity and a platform to showcase what they can do let us know!


Show Schedule

15th Feb
SWA: For The Love Of Wrestling at Dawley Town Hall