SWA – Summer BlowOut 2018

28th July 2018

Full Results:

1) Xia Brookside defeated Shax

2) CJ Connors/Joe Black/Hustle Malone defeated Akira/Max Peach/Sean Kustom

3) Candyfloss defeated Kat Von Kaige

4) Chris Ridgeway defeated “Dunkzilla” Mark Davis to retain the SWA Title.

*Chris was aided by his new protégé Conor Clyne who now has a sore face after a shot by Davis.

5) Kyle Fletcher defeated Fraser Thomas, Drew Parker and Charli Evans

6) Rob Sharpe defeated Spike Trivet

7) Ashley Dunn, Elijah, Mezinger and Ash Draven defeated Chuck Mambo, Chuck Cyrus, Joey Sanchez and Luke Basham.

*Came down to Basham and Draven, Kat Von Kaige and Candyfloss both got involved and Draven hit a low blow with the ref distracted before a Devil Lock DDT for the huge win for Happy Place.