SWA – Big Summer Blowout

19th August 2017

1) Luke Basham and Damo Scorpio defeated Akira/Max Peach and CJ Connors/Joe Black

Simon Brown came out to explain his decision at the last show to restart the title match. He was interrupted by Edwards who proclaimed that Sanchez wasn’t in the building yet again. However that wasn’t quite how it went down, Sanchez was in the SWA for the first time since March and stormed the ring but was met face on by Simon Brown.

Simon stated that Joey didn’t have medical clearance to wrestle in SWA and Edwards wasn’t signed a contract. He gave Sanchez a month to get clearance and then he would quite happily signed them both, Edwards to a one match deal and Sanchez to a full contract

2) Robert Sharpe defeated El Phantasmo

3) Ash Draven defeated Joey Ozbourne and Ashley Dunn to retain the SWA Championship

After the match Hustle Malone made his SWA debut and proceeded to beat up Joey Ozbourne. Joey then challenged him to a match later in the show.

4) Kat Von Kaige defeated Jayde

5) Hustle Malone vs Joey Ozbourne went to a double count out

6) Kip Sabian and Damian Dunne defeated The UK Hooligans

After the match Simon Brown announced that on September 23rd Ash Draven would face Chuck Cyrus and that Damian Dunne would face HIS BROTHER! The returning WWE UK CHAMPION PETE DUNNE!