SWA – Warning Shot

3rd February 2018

1) Ashley Dunn beat Chuck Mambo

Unfortunately it was announced that Chris Ridgeway was stuck in London due to train cancellations and would be unable to get to us for his scheduled match.

2) Max Peach, Eron Sky and Damo Scorpio beat CJ Connors, Joe Black and Conor Clyne

3) Kat Von Kaige beat Charli Evans

4) Chuck Cyrus beat Rob Sharpe

5) The Brotherhood beat Joey Sanchez and Luke Basham

6) Damian Dunne beat Clint Margera in an impromptu No DQ  match!

7) Ash Draven beat El Phantasmo and David Starr to retain the SWA Championship

After the match Chuck Cyrus came out to the ring, hit Draven with an F5 and held the belt above his head.

Simon Brown then announced that at ‘Anniversary’ on April 7th, El Phantasmo would go one on one with Ashley Dunn and…

Chuck Cyrus would face Ash Draven once again for the title… In a last man standing match!