SWA – Sledgehammer

3rd June 2017

Chris Ridgeway Vs Kip Sabian became Chris Ridgeway & Bubblegum vs Kip Sabian & Drew Parker. 30 seconds into this match, #CCK appeared and put the CZW World Tag Team Titles on the line!

CZW World Tag Team Championship Three-Way match
1) Champions, #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) def. Kip Sabian & Drew Parker & Bubblegum & Chris Ridgeway

Open Challenge
2) Kat Von Kaige def. Evelyn

3) Joey Ozbourne def. Robert Sharpe

Simon Brown revealed the new SWA Championship belt and also announced the Hooligans would be returning to Dawley in August.

Academy Five-Way match
4) Joe Black def. Eddie Cobain, Luke Basham, Damo Scorpio & CJ Connors

5) Ashley Dunn def. Chris Tyler

6) Tyler Bate def. Ash Draven

During the match two referees were knocked out before Joey Ozbourne appeared in a referee shirt and counted the 3 for a Tyler win.